Frequently Asked Questions

NOTHING. At a fixed price per month, you get to update your website as many times as you want.

UNLIMITED. As many times as you want

In most cases, as little as 2-3 business days for most updates.

Your unlimited website updates packages allows for unlimited times of content updates. Any changes to design or look and feel of your website may likely have additional charges. If you're not sure if your changes will incur additional charges, just speak to us to find out more.

Yes we can, just send us your new page contents and we will get it uploaded.

Yes we can, however the unlimited website content update service does not include changes to your website's design or look and feel. Call us to find out more about discounts for existing customers.

We can update all your website contents, whether it's text, attachments, photos, products, galleries, or announcements. If you're not sure, call us.

We are familiar with 99% of all website / CMS (Content Management Systems) available on the net. Call us or write an email for version update..its free.

For the E-commerce website package, Photo touch ups is included as part of the service to help present your products in the best light. If you are not on the E-commerce website package, speak with our friendly consultants.

We have optional 24/7 Website monitoring services, See our useful optional website services or speak with our friendly consultants.

A standard/static website is a website that does not function as a blog or online publication, and does not provide shopping cart or ordering services through the website. Some examples of a standard websites are : Corporate website, Restaurant Website, School Website, Clinic Website, Bakery Website, Artist Website, etc. Speak to our friendly consultants if you're not sure, and we will help you figure it out.

A blog website is a website that primarliy functions as a content publication website. Some examples of a blog website : Mobile Product Review Website, Restaurant Review Website, Editorial / News Website, Influencer Blogs, Recipe Websites, DIY Websites, etc. Speak to our friendly consultants if you're not sure, and we will help you figure it out.

An E-commerce website is a website that provides a way for website visitors to buy products, make orders, or make payment for orders. Speak to our friendly consultants if you're not sure, and we will help you figure it out.

Call us , we may or may not be able to help, depending on the extent of the damage, and whether any backups are available for your website or not.

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Infuse IT India Private Limited specialises in website designing, digital marketing and web applications. 

Fastest, Secure Web Hosting

Fastest, Secure Web Hosting

We have a high speed dedicated server where we host our websites.

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Dedicated Team

Having an experienced and dedicated team is at the core of delivering the best.

Best Development Services

Best Development Services

We believe in being honest and giving the best quality of work to our customers.

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